Payroll for your business

Payroll by Faraday Keynes Ltd

We can manage all payroll matters for you and your business. Our payroll service includes as follows

  • Preparation of Monthly or Weekly payroll
  • Submission of Monthly PAYE or Weekly returns to HMRC through RTI system using specialist Payroll software
  • Payslip for you and your staff either weekly or monthly
  • Help and guide you with HR matters
  • Handle annual P60s
  • Deal with holiday pay
  • Process any benefit in kinds through payroll e.g. company car etc

Do I need to buy Payroll software?

You don't have to, we have our own special software to manage payroll for our clients. We can manage up to 100 employees for a single employer and unlimited employers.

How would I get payslips?

Once we get payroll data from you, we will process the pay run and EMAIL you payslips for you and your staff so that you can double-check beforehand it with your staff.

How much are the charges for Payroll?

We work on a Fixed Fee basis, you don't need to pay extra for payroll services, it will all be built into the price agreed between us at the accountancy contract stage.

Can you take over pay mid-year from my previous accountant?

Yes, we can, you don't need to worry about anything, we will gather all required information from your previous accountant or if you are running payroll on HMRC's Free Payroll software, we can collect data from you to start payroll on our own software.

The person working for me is an employee or subcontractor?

It is very important to get your employment status correct for your HR otherwise heavy financial penalties can be imposed on non-compliance businesses. We suggest running through this employment test calculator to start with.

Can I use my online bookkeeping inbuilt payroll function?

Yes, you can, we can still compile your accounts and tax returns and account for payroll data from your own software. Please note that you might have to pay extra to your online bookkeeping software for using payroll features.

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